• How can users ensure privacy to their virtual life?

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    Safety is difficult to guaranty. If we lock the door, someone can still crack it. A purse shoved beneath the tone of stuff can still be stolen from the handbag. Every time we think our personal possessions are safe, they are not. Things are even more complicated with the digital privacy. Storing data on our own device seems harmless but, in fact, it is no safer than putting one’s purse at the very top of the handbag.

    Though we cannot ensure 100% of safety to the data we store, we can make a theft of our personal information more difficult. Set a sophisticated password to your PC, smartphone, Facebook account, and every other place where your sensitive information is kept. Do not save passwords on public computers, and mark public networks as such when browsing out of home. Networks accessible in public places make an unsafe connection as do the websites with the protocol “http://”. Unlike “https://”, it provides an insecure transition of data.

    Installing an antivirus to protect one’s computer is a common knowledge. Every user who fears data being sneaked from their computer has an active antivirus software regularly updated. The next step to keep private information safe is a VPN. It makes the user anonymous so that ISPs cannot get to their information.

    It is always best to have as much protection as we can get, but we shall also stay critical of the way we browse. Cybercriminals will try to make us click on infected links whatever it takes. So far, no antivirus can protect those clicking on every link that looks attractive to them.

  • How can we stop phishing completely?

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    To stop phishing is like to stop the international terrorism – even if achieved once, it is unlikely to work in the long-term prospect. We feel secure enough if we do not click on any links in suspicious messages. Nevertheless, a phishing scam is constantly upgrading, and even seasoned tech geeks are hooked. Preventing phishing sounds too global. However, everyone can take actions and avoid attacks of malware or data theft.

    Using firewalls and security programs is the right thing to do in the digital age. Everything you write in e-mails or store on the computer can be easily stolen, and we shall never underestimate the necessity of antivirus software. Nevertheless, some viruses can cause an extensive damage yet before discovered so that we shall pay closer attention to our own actions when on the web.

    One shall always filter spam and never respond to it. Emails from an unknown or an unauthorized sender are considered to be such. One shall newer send back any personal data replying to such emails. Neither shall one open any attachments that look suspicious. Do not click on links appearing in pop-up windows either. Remember to use websites with the protocol “https://” only for safe transition of data. To provide personal information, use the telephone, fax, or send a letter by post.

    In brief, being skeptical is the best way to avoid phishing. Question everything you receive on the web and ignore it if you find the content weird. Human intuition is the best way to detect spam when it is put most genuinely. So, be alert when surfing the web and do not respond right away to any messages you get.

  • The challenges of setting up an e-commerce website and how to make it operate effectively

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    If all customers seem to have vanished from stores, it is high time to find them online. E-commerce is as solid as mining or manufacture. With sales being conducted online and transactions flowing through websites, entrepreneurs no longer doubt that a strong online presence can bring them a competitive benefit as they search for clients on the web. The practice is not new, but even today young entrepreneurs find it difficult pushing their business on the web.

    There are two stages of entrepreneurial fear of the internet. The first stage is transitional. As soon as we realize that we need to run a website and a bunch of social media pages, we become afraid of what lies ahead. How can we manage so many resources at a time? How can we create advertising that sells? How can we make customers trust our website when it is only a web-page? The second stage is operational. As soon as we have online media and a couple of people working on it, we beware common e-commerce threats such as lack of verification, refunds, privacy concerns, and safe data exchange.

    For a business, going online is a bit more complicated than clicking a registration button. However, it is important to solve problems as they come. Do not expect to solve all difficulties by yourself. Reach some developers, SEO, designers, and other IT people you can trust. Learn what you can and delegate the rest of responsibilities. If you are afraid or cannot solve the problem with your website, cooperate with people who know how to create, run, and optimize websites.

  • Arising Options to Mitigate Damage of Fracking

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    Hydraulic fracturing is one of the major ways to extract natural gas and oil from the earth’s crust. The technique allowed to extract previously inaccessible gas, which caused a boom in the industry over the past decades. Though some groups promote natural gas as a clean energy, the US officials debate about the environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing. The pollution of groundwater and breaking of the earth’s crust under populated areas do not encourage fracking and even push officials to consider banning the practice. On the other hand, fracking is one of the safest methods of oil and gas extraction.

    Water pollution and seismic activity are the major threats of hydraulic fracturing. Extraction of fuels happens as water breaks up the crust under the high pressure. Chemicals used in the process are claimed to contaminate groundwater. In the notorious case of Colorado man, fracking wells were drilled into methane pockets that made water in the town inflammable. In fact, the water pumped to push out oil and gas can be the only source polluted during fracking. Wastewater is further treated and safely disposed. As for seismic activity caused by fracking, it does not cause the quakes bigger than 2.5 in magnitude. Current quakes caused by fracking hardly pose a threat to humans or industries.

    As for advantages of fracking, it produces a lot of clean fuel with few carbon emissions. Natural gas is not as clean as renewable energy sources, but it produces little carbon dioxide as compared to oil and derived fuels. The horizontal drilling technique allows sparing time and resources through accessing gas with only one rig. And last fracking is the industry that could employ hundreds of thousands of people in the production of clean and stable energy.

  • Effects of Population Migration on Agrarian Economy in Europe

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    Between the 1960s-1970s, many countries passed from peasant type of farming to entrepreneurial one. Southern Europe has been an advanced agricultural region that adopted agricultural entrepreneurship quickly. Technological innovations allowed farmers to cut the required amount of labor but still, they hugely relied on the human workforce. Due to globalization, local people moved to cities where they could have prospects other than working on the land. Therefore, farmers could rely on temporary workers who were mostly immigrants.

    Today many Italian, Greek, French, and Spanish farmers still run familiar agriculture. However, huge farmers prefer to employ seasonal workers who make up more than 70% of the workforce in their enterprise. They are European Union migrants from poorer countries who take advantage of seasonal work in the field even though conditions are not always fair. Violations of workers’ rights still happen even in the Mediterranean, especially referring to non-EU migrants. The flow of migrants from the Arab countries and the Middle East is immense, and many of them willingly take seasonal jobs.

    Labor migration appeared to be a potent force that preserved traditional European agriculture from total automation and genetic modification. GM crops are still rarely used in Southern Europe where little and medium agricultural businesses prevail. Spare labor force from abroad prevents “Americanization” of a traditional local food that differs strikingly across Europe. Local farmers take it that the future of their population depends on millions of themselves, not on three or four multinational corporations. And the access to the international labor force is the key condition to keep European farms viable and thriving.

  • Сustom writing service reviews

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  • University admission essays

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  • Alternative medicine essay sample

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  • Research paper websites

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  • Professional presentation

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